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Transfer Ownership

Deeds vs. Titles

A deed is the physical, paper document that states you own a property.

A title is your right to own the property.

So, a deed is the proof you own your property, while a title gives you the right to own it.  The two ideas often go together when transferring ownership.

Types of Deeds

Generally, you will encounter 4 main types of deeds:

  • Recorded Warranty Deed
    • A warranty deed is the most common type of deed.  With this deed, you are guaranteed that the title, your right to own the property, is in good standing.
    • You will be given a warranty deed in most property purchases from real estate agents.
  • Quitclaim Deed
    • A quitclaim deed does not offer any guarantee that the title to the property is in good standing.
    • If you transfer a property into your name using one of these deeds, there may still be a loan on the property.
    • You will usually see a quitclaim deed when transferring property to a family member or your business’s name.
  • Deed of Assent
    • A deed of assent is used when you inherit a property from a deceased person.  Unlike other deeds, you must pay any loans attached to the property before you receive the deed.
  • Executor’s Deed
    • Like a deed of assent, an executor’s deed is used when an estate transfer’s property to you.

If you do not know which kind of deed you need, contact an attorney so they can help you with the transfer.

When you fill out a deed, you must record it with the Clerk of Superior Court’s Office.