Cobb County Tax Commissioners Office

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alert icon West office closed on May 21 To honor the life of Eddie Jackson, the husband of our Cobb County Tax Commissioner Carla Jackson, the West office will be closed on Tuesday, May 21st.

Millage Rates

The millage rate is approved by each taxing authority. The county Board of Commissioners sets the millage rate for county taxes, the county Board of Education sets the millage rate for county school taxes and the city authorities determine the rate for city taxes. These rates are generally set and approved in late July.

A mill is 1/10 of 1 cent or $1 per $1,000 of assessed value. When we publish the millage rate, we are describing the number of mills. When we calculate taxes, we divide the number of mills by 1,000 to convert mills into whole dollars.

Millage rates are posted each year in late July or early August when local taxing authorities approve them. The attached chart outlines the 2023 Millage Rates.

Previous Years Millage Rates

Below are the approved millage rates since 2015.