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Understanding Your Tax Bill

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Average Percentage of Expected Revenue to be Distributed to Taxing Authorities 



Fast. Easy. Secure. Pay Your Property Taxes Online.

Paying your property taxes is simpler than ever. You can search, view and pay your tax bill in just a few clicks. We accept E-Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal and PayPal Credit.

When paying by card or PayPal methods, transaction fees will apply to help offset credit card processing costs. The fee percentage varies per payment method and applies to both credit and debit card payments. Cobb County does not retain any portion of the fees. If you elect to pay via E-Check, this is a free of charge with zero transaction fees.

If you experience any issues paying your property taxes with American Express, please contact PayPal directly at 1-888-221-1161.

If you have general questions regarding payments on a property under appeal, read our standard appeal letter. We send these letters to parcels that are under appeal when we mail out tax bills.


Our Property Tax Division bills, collects and distributes ad valorem property taxes for:

  • Real property
  • Personal property (boats, planes, business property, etc.)
  • Heavy duty equipment
  • Mobile homes
  • Public utilities

In addition, this division processes homestead exemptions and conducts tax sales. They are also responsible for preparing the tax digest each year.

Revenue is distributed to the Cobb County Finance Department and the Cobb County Board of Education on a weekly basis. Above is a pie chart showing the average percentage of revenue collected among our taxing authorities for real and personal property taxes. Of note, mobile home and heavy duty taxes are collected not only for the county, the Georgia Department of Revenue, the Cobb County Board of Education and the county CIDs, but for all six cities in Cobb County.

The Georgia Department of Revenue has issued a policy bulletin to announce the interest rate which will apply to interest-bearing refunds and past due taxes for the 2017 calendar year. A copy of the bulletin can be found here.